Minx Mogul Featured Artist Storie Myers

Featured Artist Storie Myers

My name is Storie Myers, owner of Studio Storie Microblading, in St. George and Salt Lake City Utah. Being artistic and a perfectionist made microblading the right profession for me! Nothing is more satisfying than a good brow transformation and the look on my clients face after they see their new brows! My favorite Minx Mogul product is the Tattoo Candy Cream, I looked long and hard for a good anesthetic but nothing beats this cream!

Storie does incredible work for all of her clients. One aspect that defines her style is the fact that it is consistently of a superior quality. When Storie calls herself a perfectionist, you can easily see why when you see her perfect work.

One of her greatest skills is finding the right color for each of her clients. Everyone’s skin is different, so sometimes choosing the right combination of pigments can be tricky when you consider how each color softens and how the skin changes over time. Storie has a remarkable talent in that she gets the perfect color every time! Keep up the good work, Storie, and Mogul On!

Minx Mogul Featured Artist Storie Myers

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