How Much Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

Permanent makeup is a great way to save both money and time by not having to buy and apply cosmetics every day. But the question is, how much can it save you in the short term and the long term? Is it really worth considering?

Different Prices For Different Procedures

The price you will pay will depend on the enhancement you desire. Many of the permanent makeup services cost approximately the same amount, but they are often sold separately.

For example, you could have cosmetic tattooing for eyebrows which would cost $750 and if you want eyelash and eyeliner permanent makeup, that would cost another $750.

You Must Consider The Cost Of Maintenance

Any good esthetician will require that you return to her office for a touch-up procedure about 3 weeks after the initial micropigmentation is completed. Ask your esthetician if this touch-up is included in the cost or if you have to pay for this separately.

Most include the touch-up procedure in the initial price, but ask just to be sure.

What Is The Cost Of Downtime

Some estheticians will say there is no downtime after your procedure. This could be the case, but may not always be true for your situation.

Everyone’s skin reacts differently to cosmetic tattooing, so you must be prepared to endure the consequences if your body does not handle it well.

Your face may be red, bruised, and the makeup will appear very dark for the first few weeks until it fades. Will you be able to manage daily life during this time? How will adverse affects change your routine until your skin heals? Downtime may not cost you money, but it can affect the way people see you when they know you have had permanent makeup applied.

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